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Yurbi is a comprehensive 100% Web based Business Intelligence (BI) Solution for the Enterprise but with ease of use to all technical and non-technical users that allows you to customize your solution and create simplified reporting solution for the business user. Yurbi provides intuitive design for the non-technical business users.

Yurbi’s advanced business analytics enable users to make confident decisions based on a 360-degree view of multi-dimensional business data integrated with data from external and internal sources. Customizable dashboards, reports and alerts, including predictive modeling tools, enable executives to identify, monitor and manage their business with confidence.


Yurbi Guides Helpful Resources

Yurbi Installation Guide

A hassle free installation instructions to setup and install Yurbi on your system to create a simplified reporting solution for business users.

Yurbi Terminology

We recommend that you become familiar with the terms and terminology used in the documentation of Yurbi before you start reading Yurbi materials.

Yurbi User's Guide - Documentation

A complete guide to explore and use Yurbi for all users. Learn how to create reports, run reports, manage dashboards, etc.

Yurbi Support Guide

A guide to accessing support resources and or support commitments for Yurbi Community, Team, and Enterprise Editions.

Yurbi Administrator Guide

Manage Yurbi users, their roles and privileges, Yurbi modules, etc. This applies to admin users only.

Yurbi Release Notes

Get aware of our continual improvements and issue resolutions. Contact support if you need more information.

Yurbi AnyDB Guide

Yurbi's AnyDB technology quickly connects to any custom or vendor database. This guide explains how you can utilize Yurbi 's anyDB technology to build a Yurbi report tree.


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